Update: March 2019

March 4, 2019
Kyle Landry

How’s everyone doing today? Couple updates! Working very hard to get my first three albums back up in stores, and my latest album ‘Works for Piano Vol. VII” ! –That being said, take a look at the new artwork for Volume III! Just needs text and it’s ready to go :). Other things to expect: a recording of Kass’s Theme from BoTW on my grand piano 🙂 P.S. if you are an experienced graphic artist looking for some work, please use the contact form to message me! I’m always looking for more artists.

New Gear – and Dearly Beloved 2018

December 27, 2018
Kyle Landry

Quick gear update!

What has already come: Camera, Lens, Tripod
What is still on its way: Microphones

Once the last package arrives I will start recording videos on the grand piano, and yes that means Dearly Beloved 2018!

Hope your Christmas was amazing, and you have a happy New Year. See you soon!


Another Update, and “The Separation” Sheet Music :)

September 4, 2018
Kyle Landry

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t noticed on my Twitter yet, my grand piano has finally arrived and it’s all thanks to YOU! So for that, you all have my eternal gratitude. ^_^
New Piano!

He’s a Yamaha C7 7’6″ semi-concert grand piano, and he’s quite loud! I’m still in the process of choosing microphones, proper cameras, and any other gear I will need to record on this thing. For now, stay tuned on my Twitch channel to see me play live on my keyboard! Also, I’m planning to play some music for my YouTube channel real soon as well. Have y’all heard of Steven Universe? One of my favorite songs from that show recently came out and it’s called “Let’s Only Think About Love.”

As for sheet music, the Works for Piano III version of my composition “The Separation” is out in Sheet Music form thanks to our beloved transcriber, Diluent! Have a look! Buy the Separation here!

Lastly, some of you may have noticed my Works for Piano volumes I, II, and III are no longer in stores at the moment. I am currently getting the artwork for all three revamped, and distributing all three albums on another platform. They will now be available on Spotify too!

See you guys soon, love you all!

Your Pianist,
Kyle Landry

Update and New Sheet Music!

May 11, 2018
Kyle Landry

Hello Everyone!

I’m really settling into my place here in SoCal and I wanted to give y’all a little update as to what’s going on! Basically, the plan is to upgrade everything. My new computer is on the way, I’ll be going piano shopping with Johnny May soon, and I’ll be talking to Albert Chang about which camera and shooting equipment I should look into. I’m super excited to revamp my entire YouTube channel and start bringing you guys quality content. 🙂

Also, here are some new sheets that have been added recently:

Storytale Soundscapes mov1 Sheet Music
Passion Sheet Music
Legends Never Die Sheet Music
Dearly Beloved 2017 Sheet Music

As always, your pianist,
Kyle Landry

Where is your Grand Piano?!

October 19, 2016
Kyle Landry

Update: Still searching for the grand piano, and now considering financing it because even a used Steinway Model B is still out of budget with the grand piano fund and my own contributions. Either way, I promise the grand piano is coming, and I’m still so so gracious of your generous contributions. Thank you so much, and I’ll keep you updated!
Love you all