AniTay Article + Update

June 29, 2015
Kyle Landry

Hello everyone, hope you’re well!   I’ve been busy adding more students to my studio lately, recording my CDs, and planning future gigs.  I will also be going to Atlanta, GA next month around July 25th.   Maybe I’ll see some of you there :).

Anyway, check out my interview with -->AniTay<-- :) :)

What’s Up?

June 11, 2015
Kyle Landry

Haven’t posted anything here in a while, so I thought I would give you all a bit of an update!

I have been very busy with life, and my CD projects have been put on hold.  I know some of you have been patiently waiting for Works for Piano VI, as well as my Disney, and Video Game CDs.  I will try to get at least one of these CDs out by the end of Summer this year, I promise!   For now, please follow me on Twitch, and come watch me play live on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays around 7:30 PM EST!

Steinway Videos!

February 21, 2015
Kyle Landry

There will be a new Steinway video posted on my YouTube channel on Wednesday afternoons!   There are 6 more Steinway episodes left 🙂

Take a look at episode one below:

Come Watch Me Stream Live!

January 22, 2015
Kyle Landry

Great news everyone!  I will be frequently streaming piano playing, and league of legends gameplay on my account.    We’ve had quite a few successful streams in the past week, and we plan to continue so make sure to come check it out.

Follow me on twitch for notifications on my next live performance!

Below is a very short sample of my stream from last night!

Happy New Year!

January 6, 2015
Kyle Landry

Happy New Year, everyone!  Thank you all so much for the support this year, it means so much to see all of the heartfelt comments, and love from you guys!

A few updates and notices:

  • Many of you have been asking about the forums.  They are still in the process of being implemented, so do not fear, the forums are near!
  • There were some issues with the shop which we believe are all solved.  Some European customers were not receiving the download links to the sheets they were purchasing, but the issue should be solved now!
  • If you do not receive your sheet, please email me right away.
  • If you are having trouble checking out in the shop, please make sure you are registered to and logged in!

Start off the New Year with my annual Dearly Beloved cover!!

Happy Holidays!

December 13, 2014
Kyle Landry

There are a few projects I’m working on right now including:

  • An all new Works for Piano
  • Disney CD
  • Canon CD

I would also like to wish everyone a happy holiday season, and safe travels.

I will leave you with my latest composition, “Dragon Slayer” !



August 8, 2014
Kyle Landry

Hello, and welcome to the new!

My goal with this website is to provide simple, reliable access to my services, sheet music, and recent videos. For my fans, I’ve also created a forum which you can use to discuss activites from my website.

I’ll be updating the new site constantly, so please check back for new content! For now, I’ll leave you with my most recent improvisation.

Your Pianist,
Kyle Landry